The base of MBUX
What it is

In today’s world, consumers expect smart devices with constant updates and new features. Our Platform aims to make this possible for Mercedes-Benz cars.

The base of all infotainment systems in the car

Based on the latest and greatest from Open Source and our own in-house software components, our platform powers the full enviroment for all occupants. The platform includes the tools and the performance to engage all senses, supporting a variable number of flexible zones and seats equipped with high-resolution displays, advanced haptics, high-fidelity speaker and microphone systems, and cameras. The per-seat user experience is easily and highly personalised, and users can interact share information and content across the car.

Decouples hardware and software lifecycle

We develop continously in rolling fashion to keep our tech stack modern and clean. The platform is portable and actively supported across a wide range of target hardware, from generic reference designs and virtualised targets to series cars. We develop together with our hardware and software partners to innovate the use of standardised hardware and vehicle interfaces industry-wide, in a quest to provide the stable, reliable environment developers need to invent the next great automotive application - and bring it to as many cars as possible.

Each end user feature is dynamic content

Our vision is clear: Making great applications, services and content that users trust and rely on, or just enjoy, available in cars. Using subsystems, our platform supports several types of end-user apps, including native containers and Android. Infotainment based on this chooses among the best applications every development community has to offer. Today, and tomorrow installation and update for the infotainment system and applications is naturally supported over-the-air (OTA).


Developers can feel confident that their code will remain usable for future generations of the system.

  • Extended lifespan for the car

  • Future-proof user experience

  • Separate software and hardware lifecycles

  • Time and money saved on software developments

This platform will power future generations of Mercedes-Benz Infotainment

»Working for MBition is really a unique experience. Our people are in the heart of the organisation. You can feel and see this in every corner of our building that we are one team and we stand for each other.«

Evangelos Stamatapoulos, Head of Production Platform

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