The Future of Mercedes-Benz Software


We design, code and implement following systems for carlines today and in the future.

Mercedes me App

Mobile App

The digital connection between Mercedes-Benz drivers and their vehicle.


The Mercedes-Benz User Experience

The Mercedes-Benz User Experience has been developed since 2018, with the third and latest iteration of the MBUX, even more intelligent and capable of learning than previous.


The base of MBUX

In today's world, consumers expect smart devices with constant updates and new features. Our Platform aims to make this possible for Mercedes-Benz cars.

Software Factory

software development platform

SoftwareFactory is a product and a department at the same time. Both from- and within MBition. SoftwareFactory is the backbone of Mercedes-Benz’s transition to “#LeadInCarSoftware”.


Understand Our Methods And Way of Working

The essence of our Way of Working (WoW) is being agile when it comes to applied values and principles. It is about being transparent, how to empower and trust teams, how to enable people and teams to start thinking and driving things rather than following directives.


»MBition is such a diverse company located in the heart of Berlin. It’s a place for learning, exploring new ideas and innovation.«