Software Factory

software development platform
What it is

SoftwareFactory is a product and a department at the same time. Both from and within MBition. SoftwareFactory is the backbone of Mercedes-Benz’s transition to “#LeadInCarSoftware.”

What it does

It provides developers with a template-based scheme which supports the development of new iterations and versions of software.

SoftwareFactory is a software development platform. It is scalable, flexible, and automated. It does so by configuring tools, processes and content. It provides developers with a template-based scheme which supports the development of new iterations / versions of software.

The setup

Teams and development are structured among the DevOps Loop. It can be divided into different value streams. Within MBition, each one has an individual product owner.

Loop Overview

  • Foundations

    Foundations, are fundamental for all customers of the Mercedes-Benz SoftwareFactory. Our goal is it to enable real DevOps on the customer side by providing a development platform with a 24/7 self-service solution across CI/CD.

  • Development

    Value Stream Development, has the goal of making code & building software as fast and efficient as possible. We believe that top notch CI/CD is crucial for the best software and Time-to-Market.

  • Testing

    Quality Value Stream, enables our customers to bring quality into focus. We believe that continuous testing (CT) and quality tools and frameworks for CI are the key factors for MB.OS software projects.

  • Measuring

    Continuous Measuring, allows all customers to make data driven decisions by collecting, aggregating and presenting relevant metrics. We provide stable, flexible and simple platforms that enable continuous monitoring.


To take advantage of knowledge that was gained and assets that were produced during the production of previous product-iterations or similar product-types.

  • Improved productivity

    Improve cycle time from weeks to minutes, reduce development costs, Time-to-Market and deliver more secure and compliant applications.

  • Increased quality

    SoftwareFactory's toolchain improves product quality by implementing best practices, appropriate tools, methods and processes.

  • Better evolution capabilities

    Embrace enterprise-ready DevOps. SoftwareFactory toolchains support your software delivery tasks, automate builds, tests, deployments and more.

  • Better development Focus

    SoftwareFactory includes everything you need to speed up production, giving developers the freedom to grow, discover, collaborate and create.

Parts of software development can be “reused” which takes away more tedious work that has to be done and reduces errors.

»The best thing about being a Product Manager is the variety that comes with the position. I get the chance to innovate with technical experts and users, drive strategic business decisions and navigate the successful rollout of solutions.«

Tobias van der Berg, Product Manager

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