Mercedes me App

All-in-one mobile app for your Mercedes-Benz
What it is

The digital connection between Mercedes-Benz drivers and their vehicle.

What it does

Access and manage a wide range of vehicle-related features – comfortably and remotely via your smartphone.

Feature overview

  • Infotainment services
    • Charging status
    • Vehicle status
    • Tire pressure
    • ECO display
    • Navigation services
    • Vehicle search
  • Comfort services
    • Sunroof
    • Pre-entry climate control
    • Parking service
    • Over-the-air vehicle updates
    • Interior lighting
  • Safety / Inspection Services
    • Remote vehicle lock
    • Remote window lock
    • Alarm system
    • Schedule service appointment
    • Vehicle monitoring
    • Emergency Key Deactivation

Who is it for

  • Owners of Mercedes-Benz cars

    Get even more out of your Mercedes-Benz car with the Mercedes me App. Unlock remote control over a large variety of car functions simply via your smartphone.

  • People who are interested in controlling their car

    If you want to discover new methods of controlling your Mercedes-Benz car, the Mercedes me App will give you what you are looking for.

  • People who are interested in personalization of their car

    Remotely access a broad spectrum of personalization features; from setting your favorite radio stations to ambient lighting or controlling the temperature.

  • Comfort oriented car users

    Comfort features such as pre-heating your car interior or setting the navigation in advance can also be controlled via the Mercedes me App.

Control aspects of the car directly from your smartphone.

»If you’re keen on having a huge impact on millions of users, collaborating with the best experts, and having a lot of fun at work - you’re in the right team.«

Alexander Dzerakh, Technical Product Manager

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