Methods MBition’s Way Of Working


We build the right setup for the best work experience – for developers and designers alike. We empower and trust our teams to continue innovating and driving.

  • Agile

    An agile method is an iterative and flexible project management approach that emphasises collaboration, customer satisfaction and continuous delivery of working software. This is enabled by short development cycles (sprints), frequent testing, adaption to changing requirements and feedback.

  • Scrum

    The Scrum method is an agile framework for project management that emphasises teamwork, self-organisation, and iterative development through a set of roles (Scrum Master, Product Owner), events (sprint reviews), and artifacts (e.g. product backlogs, burndown charts).

»Focusing on lean and agile principles enables us as a company to deliver the best software for Mercedes-Benz.«

Stefanie Herbert, Agile Coach

Usability Testing

Usability Testing is a method that shows us what must be improved or designed in a different way by observing a group of potential users completing certain tasks.

  • Kano Analysis

    The Kano Analysis is a customer satisfaction framework that categorises product features into three or fives types: must have, performance and enthusiasm attributes, as well as indifferent and reverse features.

  • Expert Reviews

    Expert Reviews are a usability evaluation method in which usability experts analyse a product or system based on a set of predefined criteria or standards in order to identify issues and suggest improvements.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is an innovative problem-solving method that focuses on understanding users, prototyping and testing different solutions, in order to create user-centered products and services.

  • Personas

    Personas are fictional characters that represent different user types and help us understand customer needs, behaviours and goals. We design products and services that meet their requirements.

  • Focus Groups

    A Focus Group is a few people put together to discuss a product, service or idea and give feedback to help us understand their opinions and behaviours.

  • User Stories

    User Stories are short descriptions of a requirement or a task, written from the user’s point of view. They help us understand the user needs and expectations to guide the development process.

»Good UX design is way more than aesthetics - it's about solving our users' problems while sparking excitement. It combines empathy with technology to shape memorable experiences.«

David Yim, Principal UI/UX Designer


We Create The Automotive World of Tomorrow
  • SoftwareFactory

    software development platform

    SoftwareFactory is a product and a department at the same time. Both from- and within MBition. Software Factory is the backbone of Mercedes-Benz’s transition to “#LeadInCarSoftware.”

  • Platform

    The base of MBUX

    In today's world, consumers expect smart devices with constant updates and new features. Our Platform aims to make this possible for Mercedes-Benz cars.

  • MBUX

    The Mercedes-Benz User Experience

    The Mercedes-Benz User Experience has been developed since 2018, with the third and latest iteration of the MBUX, even more intelligent and capable of learning than previous.

  • Mercedes me App

    Mobile App

    The digital connection between Mercedes-Benz drivers and their vehicle.