Located in The Heart of Berlin

  • 2017 Founded
    Six years ago, Mercedes-Benz founded MBition as the software hub in Berlin, taking a step to #LeadInCarSoftware.
  • 900 Employees
    With 900 employees, we have a diverse and talented team dedicated to delivering top-quality products.
  • 50+ Open positions
    These open positions are ready to be filled with highly motivated people looking to join a dynamic company.

Berlin is a city that never sleeps, with a vibrant energy and people from all over the world. The German capital is home to one of Europe’s most exciting startup scenes where innovative companies and entrepreneurs are constantly pushing boundaries and breaking new ground.

Impressions of Our Headquarter

Our office is located in the heart of Berlin. We offer modern facilities, FlexDesk seating, both sw-testing, in-car testing facilities as well as a lab allowing for UX/UI research. With a rooftop terrace, table tennis, foosball, as well as stunning views over the city, MBition is able to offer the best work environment for cross-team and department work.

  • Stunning views over the city
  • Large open office spaces with FlexDesks
  • Leisure possibilities, such as a rooftop terrace and table tennis
  • UI/UX Lab for user research

What it’s like to work here

MBition is a part of the Mercedes-Benz software network. Here you will have the opportunity to contribute to the next generation of automotive software in an environment, that optimally supports you and your ambitions!

  • Good Connection

    Situated by the Spree, our office is very well connected and easily reachable by public transport from every area in Berlin.

  • Employee Events

    Frequent after-work company events offer the perfect opportunity for you to connect with your colleagues!

  • Accessibility

    Our Berlin office is 100% accessible, with elevators, disabled facilities and ramps where needed.

  • Dog friendly

    Dogs are welcome in our office, so if you want to bring your furry friend to work, you can!

How to find us

MBition GmbH
Dovestrasse 1
10587 Berlin
MBition GmbH
Dovestrasse 1
10587 Berlin

Systems we work on

  • SoftwareFactory

    software development platform

    SoftwareFactory is a product and a department at the same time. Both from- and within MBition. Software Factory is the backbone of Mercedes-Benz’s transition to “#LeadInCarSoftware.”

  • Platform

    The base of MBUX

    In today's world, consumers expect smart devices with constant updates and new features. Our Platform aims to make this possible for Mercedes-Benz cars.

  • MBUX

    The Mercedes-Benz User Experience

    The Mercedes-Benz User Experience has been developed since 2018, with the third and latest iteration of the MBUX, even more intelligent and capable of learning than previous.

  • Mercedes me App

    Mobile App

    The digital connection between Mercedes-Benz drivers and their vehicle.


MBition Sofia

Located within Sofia's Tech community, be inspired by fellow MBitioneers and all tech people surrounding us!