Sangeetha Subramani

Why did you choose to work for MBition? What is your favourite part of working at our company? 
As a place that considers and respects multi cultural, diverse and healthy work environment, provides opportunities for new innovational ideas and challenges.

What I like about Mbition is the continues effort by the company to promote associates (especially women) to provide public exposure with events (seminars, public speaking, Outings and team lunch/dinner).

How would you describe our company culture? What do you think makes our (team) culture unique?
In this organization being in a multi cultural teams. We have various cultural events that respects each and everyone’s traditional values.

What is one thing that you wish people knew about your job?
As a Defect manager we are fully aware of product architecture in order to process the tickets. For proper processing of  the tickets to a correct responsible team, it is required to do a technical analysis with the help of Datadog, DLT logs, VAM tool.

What is the most interesting project you’ve worked on here – and why?
My first ever project in Mbition “Personalisation and customised infotainment” is more interesting and captivating.

All individual preferences of a customer (i.e. all settings, configurations and knowledge) can be stored in a customer profile. Seamless authentication automatically activates the available personalized data in a vehicle.  This make the customer more comfortable to access the settings.