Manoj Keshavaprakash

Why did you choose to work for MBition? What is your favourite part of working at our company?
I joined MBition when MBition had 100 employees. I saw a great vision of transforming the automotive industry with in-house development of our infotainment system. I wanted to be part of this journey. The favorite part of working in the company is its diverse culture and the brilliant people working with us.

How would you describe our company culture? What do you think makes our (team) culture unique?
MBition’s rich culture is its backbone. It’s multicultural resources have enabled and empowered MBition to be successful.

What is one thing that you wish people knew about your job?
Leading teams working on #HeyMercedes voice assistant is as challenging as it is exciting. Every day brings new challenges with technology, development, and delivery. I enjoy every bit of it by applying my craft in Engineering and Leadership. With advancement in conversational AI, it has made my job much more interesting.

How will MBition impact / advance the automotive industry?
MBition has made it’s mark in Leading In-Car Software with it’s first delivery of in-house software to our customers. This step has opened tremendous opportunity to Mercedes-Benz to bring new innovations and customer experience from the same place.