Alexandra Potlog

Why did you choose to work for MBition? What is your favorite part of working at our company?
Few of the reasons I chose to work for MBition is the company vision and culture. Developing automotive software for the next generations of Mercedes-Benz cars is an exciting activity that requires collaboration, teamwork and also offers many opportunities for personal growth and development.

One of my favorite parts of working for MBition is the opportunity to work with talented professionals from different backgrounds like SW Engineers, data scientists, UI designers and many other automotive experts, which offers me the possibility to learn continuously and be part of changing the future of mobility.

How would you describe our company culture? What do you think makes our (team) culture unique?
MBition`s company culture is all about collaboration, innovation and diversity. The company values teamwork and encourages employees to work together to solve problems and create innovative solutions.

What I think makes MBition company culture unique is every unique person that works here and brings a unique way of thinking not only about software and engineering, but also about day-by-day life which are also encouraged to be expressed by company events and social groups, such as Culture day, Fembition, Happy Thursday, Sport Clubs and many others.

What is one thing that you wish people knew about your job?
Nothing. Everything is confidential 😃 On a more serious note, being an Engineering Lead comes with its fair share of challenges, from project deadlines, teams dynamic, there is always a new or last minute issue to fix and worry about not breaking anything, but in the end is really satisfying to see everyone overcoming them and achieving their goals together

What do you enjoy most about working at MBition Berlin / Sofia?
The people and the working environment that they are building. There is always something interesting going on from technical workshops, team events, trainings and many other events. The automotive industry is very dynamic and has something interesting for everyone to discover and enjoy doing. In conclusion, I really enjoy the entire process of people with different backgrounds coming together and building the future.