Alberto Giglio

Why did you choose to work for MBition? What is your favourite part of working at our company?
I got convinced to join MBition at the time of its foundation because I saw a great opportunity to create a long-term value through evolving SW in a – back then – quite static automotive world.

I keep getting motivated and excited by the huge opportunities our cooperation with Mercedes-Benz offer, both technical and business-relevant.

What is the most interesting project you’ve worked on here – and why?
Definitely the newly announced E-Class infotainment system. It has been a joint effort of motivated teams, which stood side-by-side for the common goal.

How will MBition impact / advance the automotive industry?
We have fine tuned a complex process to be able to integrate a whole infotainment system iteratively and continuously, which allows all contributors to focus their efforts on the real added value features.

In the future I can envision a whole SW-defined car may be covered by the same approach.