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MBition focuses on Infotainment-Software, Navigation-Software, Cloud-Software and UI-Software. 

MBition GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of the Daimler AG. By combining the spirit and flexibility of a startup and the resources of a global active OEM, MBition develops advanced digital solutions. MBition’s innovative products lead to disruptive changes in the automobile industry!

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MBition is more than a company. What makes us special is the people behind the software.

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We are located in Berlin, also known as the “Silicon Valley” of Europe. Our current office at Mindspace (Krausenstrasse 9) accommodates space for about 101 employees. Mindspace is placed in the heart of the capital – amongst the tech giants, museums, fashion houses, and cafes, and in the midst of Berlin’s thriving startup ecosystem. Our coworking spaces are bursting with innovation and creativity, and are home to a tight-knit community that fosters collaboration more than any other. 

You spend too much time at home? You want to break free? Then make the right decision and join us!

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More and more entrepreneurs decide to locate their business in Berlin. Approximately 500 digital start-ups are founded in the capital city of Germany each year. International investors, low costs of living, cultural diversity and a vivid environment attract young, sophisticated experts. Thus, Berlin is the right location for MBition to be. The close proximity of MBition to the Technical University of Berlin represents a great source of young, innovative talents. Creative software engineers find comfortable atmosphere in numerous Cafés and Bars to exchange their experiences and to come up with new ideas. Many accelerator/incubator programs and events support networking and connecting among the IT-experts and to internalize the creative spirit of this city.

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We have a lot of things to tell. Follow us on events or simply listen to what we want to tell you.